pong background


Today i designed a background for the game useing sumopaint..The design was based on a circit bord but i tryed to make it look more retro to fit in with the design of the game Pong….i found useing this program a little hard as iv never used i before


More prossesing

I learnt how to import images in to prosessing and then upload them to a phone and tablet.

Icon for andriod phone app (pong)

Today we continued with the pong game app we made icons for the app and uploaded them on to a phone.


ImageSecond week of prcessing we made a program quite like paint.We made 3 different types of colours and made a editing (rubber ) tool We set a background colour. We did this by writing coads it processing.



Pong app


We starterd with ideas on  the phone app and messed round with shapes and we came up with the idea of pong the game. We started making shapes and colours n then we used boomlean logic & veriables to create and animate shapes.


We used a program called Blender.I liked useing this program but found it really hard to used and very anoying at times,but it was fun and new as i have never used a program like this b4..And i now know the basics on how to produse differnt shapes like this.



Here i used star logo to design a game.I found starlogo pretty hard to use and confusing at times,but once i got the hang of it,it became pretty good to use..In this image it shows zombis and people We used different tools to make the background and make diff shapes for the floor.I uploaded an  image for the background.

About me

Hi i’m haley I’m 25 i live in liverpool.I love Art,Music,travling,Gigs nights out with friend, dancing and going the gym.


This is mind map used on free mind,Fist time used it today found it quite messy too use,but a very good idea..My 1 just show’s what i use tech for now,and what id like too use tech for ,what i’m more interested in on the course